Colourful neighbourhoods to visit around the world.

More often I find myself booking trips to colourful neighbourhoods. I can't pinpoint exactly what attracts me to them, maybe it's a little bit like a real life fairytale. Here's a round up of my favourite bright hued areas I've visited and some I would really like to get to in the next few years.... Continue Reading →

My first solo travel experience

So I decided I needed to have my first solo trip for a few reasons. I’d been so openly encouraging other people to have trips alone yet I hadn’t myself and felt slightly hypocritical. I am also a member of some solo female travel groups and I thought to be considered a proper traveller was... Continue Reading →

Best Brunches of the British Isles

When I moved from my hometown of Scunthorpe, people said why have you moved to Manchester? I often say so there’s somewhere open to brunch on a Sunday.  Undoubtedly it is my favourite thing to do on a weekend and when visiting new cities. Here’s a compilation of my favourite places to Brunch around the... Continue Reading →

Wanderlist 2018

Lonely Planet have released their eagerly awaited ‘Where to go in 2018’. I always find there are some strange destinations in the mix. However, I felt inspired to share the 10 destinations I'm dying to see. Cappadocia, Turkey The rocks of Cappadocia near Göreme eroded into hundreds of spectacular pillars. People of the villages at the... Continue Reading →

Belgrade Review

Speaking about this city makes me excited. Belgrade is not pretty but its full of grit, amazing eateries, the chicest bars and concepts ahead of Europe. Belgrade is a city that is effortlessly cool. Culture Unlike in other cities where there is a distinct link between culture, religion and ethnicity, Belgrade is different to that.... Continue Reading →

Lisbon Review

This was my first time on the Portuguese mainland and it has to be one of the best cities I've visited for a while. In this review of Lisbon I will discuss day trips, activities, food culture and some general suggestions for how to optimise your time here. Culture Prior to this trip I didn't appreciate Portugal's... Continue Reading →

Two weeks in Vietnam- Saigon to Hanoi

  Saigon- Nha Trang- Hoi An- Hue- Halong Bay- Hanoi A travellers first experience when visiting Asia will usually start with the largest or capital city. First piece of advice, this is always normally the worst bit; a sprawling urban playground with unplanned development and infrastructure. Firstly I spent 3 nights in Saigon, this was two too many. Obviously do... Continue Reading →

InterRailing the Balkans

  Venice- Trieste- Piran-Ljubljana- Bled- Zagreb-Belgrade- Skopje- Pristina- Sofia- Plovdiv This blog post will cover the 7 different countries I visited and give some tips particularly for travelling between these places. For quite a few years I had wanted to visit the Balkans, reading many books and being fascinated that a war had happened in... Continue Reading →

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